27 August, 2012

Who Is Responsible For Read Only Connection In DFSR On Windows 2008 R2

Now since enough discussion has been done on Read Only Connections in DFSR on Windows 2008 R2, I am sure you all would like to know who is responsible of making this happen...
Lets start this Journey.....

So, We have 2 Servers involved in Replication. One Server (MyRODC) has a Read Only Connection

Proof???? Again

OK... See.... I am trying to create a file on the server in the RF "Two Way data" and getting Access Denied... Happy now :)

FLTMC - Utility to Load/Unload/Display MiniFilter drivers

FLTMC - Showing the minifilter Drivers installed on this Server....

DfsrRo.Sys - This is the driver which is responsible for creating Read Only Connections


I am going to unload this driver by using the command FLTMC.Exe UnLoad DfsrRo


Now running the FLTMC Command doesn't displays the DfsrRo.Sys as it has been Unloaded

And Yes... Now I am able to create file/folders in the same folder where I was earlier unable to create any File/Folder... Reason??? (U still need one???)

Loading the DfsrRo.Sys Driver Again by running the Command FLTMC.Exe Load DfsrRo

And again.... I am unable to create a file/folder in that folder.... :)