15 September, 2012

The "Start" Has To End - Windows Server 2012

My First Post on Windows Server 2012

Every Beginning has an End... And every End brings a new Beginning

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 has been launched and there has been a good number of changes in both the client and server operating system as opposed to their previous versions (Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2)

Few months back, When I first saw Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, I thought that there has been only "Cosmetic" changes in these Operating System... But Microsoft proved me wrong... Believe me guys... I have to truly admire the changes that has been incorporated this time... If someone asks me to describe the changes in few words, I will say "Simplified Administration"

With the Launch of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, Microsoft have officially given farewell to our very dear "Start" button which use to sit silently at the bottom left corner of the Operating System, Obediently doing what ever we use to tell him :)

So, The Start has Ended....

This is the First Screen that you will get once you install Windows Server 2012 (No, The Coffee Wallpaper is my own which is "Of course" not the default wallpaper)

Notice the absence of "Start"

On the Bottom Right Corner, If you place the mouse cursor, you will get the following options:-

- Date and Time
- Search
- Start
- Settings

Click on Settings, and you will get the following options

And Ladies and Gentlemen..... Please give a round of applause to a new START

To get the Start Page, Either:-

- Select the Start Option when you place the mouse cursor on the bottom right corner
- Just press the Start Key on the keyboard

Wanna Customize the Tiles (Yes, These are now called Tiles)... Send me your requirement and pay me 10 dollars per tile that you want to add/remove...And I will get that done for you... :)

Ok Ok.... Let me do that free of cost for You....

So here is the deal.... Right Click on the Bottom of the Screen and you will get that option of "All Apps"... Click on It

Now, on this page it will show all the programs/applications that are Installed on this Machine

Ahh... My Fav "Performance Monitor".... Right Click on any of the Tile that you want to Add and on the bottom of the screen you will get the following options:-

- Pin to Start
- Pin to Task bar
- Open New Window
- Run as Administrator
- Run as Different User
- Open File Location

No point for guessing... Select the option "Pin to Start"

And here we got the "Performance Monitor".....  on the Start Page

Click on the User Name Icon and we have the following options:-

- Lock
- Sign Out

A New Screen (Alt+Ctrl+Del)

A New Screen (Locked)