27 August, 2012

Want to Change Read Only to Read Write in DFSR??? (Read This...)

I can confidently say that this is one of my best Post...

Reason? Guys you asks so many questions... Anyways... I have to answer.... As if I have an option :(

One of the Best Post because usually the other posts just involves recreating the environment... They do not involve much of thinking... But for this post I had to think a lot...

In my earlier two posts, I discussed about how to change a connection from read Only to Read Write and Vice Versa... Even though there is an option to do so and we have seen in those posts that it works like a charm, but then.... There is a Flaw...

Let`s try to discover what`s there behind that option... Why should`nt we choose that way to change the connection type... WHY


1. One Writable Domain Controller - MyDC
2. One Read Only Domain Controller - MyRODC

3. One Replication Group - Two Way Replication
4. One Replicated Folder - Two Way Data

Currently, we have a RG named Two Way Replication which has a RF named Two Way Data. The RG consist of two servers involved in Replication - MyDC and MyRODC

I have created a file on the server MyDC

And the file is replicated on the other server MyRODC

We have got the Event ID 4112 on the server "MyDC" which was designated as Primary

On the other server, we got Event ID 4102 and 4104 stating that the Initial Replication has been completed

Now making a Move.... Changing the Connection Type from Read-Write to Read Only

Actually, to show what I want to, I have to stop DFSR Service on the other Server... My Apologies Friends :)

The connection has been made "Read Only"

AND.... I created a file on the other server "MyRODC"

The file hasn't got replicated on to the other "MyDC" as the DFSR sservice was stopped on the other server "MyRODC" where I have created the file

Starting the DFSR service on MyRODC

Hey...... Look at this.... OMG.... Where is my file????? Am I on the right server????
Yes I am... :(.... My Poor File.....

And the file is not even on the other server "MyDC"... I know I know... U must be saying if the file is not on the server where it was created and the file hasn't replicated so this is quite obvious....huh

Checking ConflictAndDeleted Folder on MyRODC... Empty

Ahhh..... I found my file.... Its here... here????

Now what the hell this file is doing in Pre-Existing.... Strange... A file/folder is moved into Pre-Existing when the server is in Non-Authoritative State.... Something fishy here....

On the Primary Server, we still have only one 4112

But what`s this.... This time on the other server "MyRODC", we have another set of 4102/4104....hmmm


Guys.... Remember this.... When you change the Connection Type from Read Only to Read Write or Vice Versa, the Server becomes Non-Authoritative....

That`s why I said in my earlier post... Please make sure you take backup from both the servers (upstream and downstream) before making this change... Else

Get ready to Loose your DATA... :)