27 August, 2012

Changing One Way Replication to Two Way in DFSR on RODC

In my earlier post, we discussed about how to configure One-Way Replication and Two-Way Replication in DFSR on Windows m2008 R2 Server (Even though the post were related to RODC, but they do apply the same even on a writable domain controllers)

Configuring One Way Replication in RODC

Configuring Two Way Replication in RODC

In this post, we will dicuss what if we want to change One way replication (Already configured) to a Two Way Replication

So Guys.... What are we waiting for.... Let`s get started :)


1. One Writable Domain Controller - MyDC
2. One Read Only Domain Controller - MyRODC

3. One Replication Group - One Way Replication
4. One Replicated Folder - One Way Data

Currently, we have a RG named One way Replication which has a RF named One Way Data. The RG consist of two servers involved in Replication - MyDC and MyRODC

Looking at the Volume_.XML File on the server "MyDC", We can clearly see that the server MyDC for the RF "One Way Data" has a writable connection since its ReadOnly Attribute in the XML file is set to FALSE

Whereas looking at the Volume_.XML File on the server "MyRODC", We can see that the server MyRODC for the RF "One Way Data" has a Read Only connection since its ReadOnly Attribute in the XML file is set to TRUE

Let`s the game begin....

We are now going to change the connection from Read Only to Read Write for the Server "MyRODC" for the RF "One Way Data"


I know... As usual, You don't believe me.... You want a Proof?

So let me create a file on MyRODC and since this has been now set as "Read Write", it should allow me to create a file which it did not allowed earlier as it was "Read Only" (Configuring One Way Replication in RODC: http://www.adshotgyan.com/2012/07/configuring-one-way-replication-in-rodc.html)

Yupiiiiiiiii...... Hence Proved (RHS = LHS)....:)

And my dear file got replicated to the other server....

WAIT.... If you think that its over, then you are mistaken.... You have made a mistake in the above configuration, now rectify it by reading the following post... (Skip Reading this Post if you can afford to loose your data :))

Want to Change Read Only to Read Write in DFSR??? Really???