02 January, 2011

DNS Delegation Message in DCPROMO in Windows 2008

In Windows 2003, before running DCPROMO for a child domain, you have to create a delegation for the child domain on the parent domain

In Windows 2008, DCPROMO Process automatically creates delegation for child domain on the parent domain

But what happens when we run DCPROMO on the parent domain. Event at that time, the DCPROMO wizard tries to contact the parent domain of this parent domain.... hmm... confusing!!!

Suppose we are trying to promote the root domain controller for contoso.com. For us this is the parent domain but for Active Directory, contoso.com has a parent... and that is - .com

Even for that sake, .com also have a parent. And that Is - . (dot)

So the domain contoso.com is actually contoso.com.

Now when we run DCPROMO, the wizard tries to contact .com domain and tries to create a delegation for contoso which for all obvious reasons it cannot do and finally throws a warning stating that it was unable to contact the authoritative DNS server for this domain

So the message that you get while running DCPROMO is actually not an Error...