25 December, 2010

AD Migration - Final Checks {ADMT 3.0}

The User/Group/Service Account has been migrated to the "destination.com" domain

User1 was a member of Group1 in source domain. After migration, User1 is still a member of Group1 in destination domain

The migrated client machine shows destination domain in the domain list in GINA

Oops... We are unable to login....

This is by design in ADMT 3.0. When the user is migrated, the option "User must change password at next logon" gets selected.

Once unselected, lets try to login as User1 with his old password

Cool... We got the same wallpaper and files/folders

On the migrated client machine, the service which was earlier running as source\srv1 is now running as destination\svr1