12 February, 2014

What Is "vm.genid" ?


Every Virtual Machine has a Configuration File. The configuration file consist of all the settings of the virtual machine like settings related to Ethernet, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound, USB etc....

In Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a new attribute in the configuration file called "VM.GENID" or also known as VM Generation ID. Although, I wont be talking about what is the use of this vm.genid in this post but just to let you know that this attribute will be used when we will make VDC - Virtual Domain Controller

For now lets open a configuration file of Windows Server 2012 and check out this attribute. For this post I have used VMWare Workstation but the configuration file is the nearly the same be it any Virtualization Software

A sample configuration file of Windows 2012 with the attribute "vm.genid"

I know you guys will never trust me that this attribute ONLY came in Windows 2012 so as a proof
(One of my dear friend knows that I usually ask for proofs and I am known for not trusting people so easily... As if you guys are interested in knowing what I like and dislike.. huh) I will also check out a configuration file of Windows 2008 R2 to see if the attribute vm.genid exist in it or not

This is a configuration file for Windows 2008 R2... I was not able to find the attribute vm.genid so I did a find but then..... :)