15 June, 2012

Changing Server Name in Folder Redirection the Wrong Way - Part 2

In "Configuring Folder Redirection - Part 1" (http://www.adshotgyan.com/2012/06/configuring-folder-redirection-part-1.html), We configured Folder redirection on a server named "OldServer". Continuing with that, we in this post, will see an incorrect yet very common way to change the Server Name in Folder Redirection Policy

A Sever Name is changed when either the old server is no longer in the domain or if the old server has to be retired (Mainly because of old hardware)

I have created a new server named "NewServer"

The NewServer has two drives (C Drive and E Drive). We will be storing the data on the E Drive

For now, Just like the OldServer, On the NewServer I have created two folders named "Profiles" and "Redirected Data"

Currently, the Redirected Data doesn't have anything right now...

In the Folder Redirection Policy, the setting still points to the OldServer which needs to be changed to NewServer

And here comes the incorrect way of making this change...... You simply changed the server name from OldServer to NewServer ?

First lets try to access the NewServer before we actually make the change


We now changed the Server Name from "OldServer" to "NewServer"

Logged on to the client machine as a User

The folder for the user got created on the NewServer

The folders in the user data also got copied but can you spot a difference....
Yes the file that is stored on the user`s desktop is not copied over to the NewServer

Lets try to open the notepad file....

Oops... We got an Error :(

Let me try to create a new notepad file in one of the folder which is on the user`s desktop and lets see if that is replicated on to the NewServer

Yes, It did got Replicated

Now... Something Strange... The location of the folder stored on user`s desktop still points to the OldServer

And so does the location of the notepad file....

huh.... Not only the location of the files and the folders, the location in the shell folders and users shell folders in registry also points to the OldServer

CONCLUSION:- We changed the server name from OldServer to NewServer and the data got moved but did all the data got moved? No... Did the path in the registry got changed to NewServer? No...

So what we concluded? We concluded that changing the server name directly in the Folder redirection Policy Settings is not a right way of changing the server name...

If this is not the correct way then how can we change the name of the server?...  PATIENCE... Nah I am not saying that have patience and the server name will get changed automatically :)... What I am saying is have patience and read my next post which talks about the correct way of changing the server name... :)