19 July, 2011

How to Configure Home Folder

Home Folder

A folder which is present in our home... :)

We all have a logical drive given by our administrators and available in "My Computer"...Do we all use it??
The answer will be "Yes" for majority of us... Even though we can keep all of our data on our Desktop or My Documents, but still a separate drive is always an added advantage to store our "Precious" data...

The Home folder will appear as a Mapped Drive in "My Computer" to the User

Lets see how can we configure the "Home Folder" or "Home Drive" or "Home Directory"
We first need to create a Shared folder on a File Server (Any Server) where we want to store the data for all the users who will get the Home Folder

Make sure you give proper permissions on the folder so that users can access that folder

Next, go into the property of a user and in the profile tab, specify the path of the Shared Folder that you have created. Along with, you have to specify the "Alphabet" that will be used to map the drive for the user

Once you specify the path, A folder will be created in the Shared Folder with the name of the user for whom you have specified the home folder

Now, Log on to a machine as that User... Check "My Computer" and you should be able to see the Mapped Drive.. Simple...

To Test, Lets create a folder in the Mapped Drive. And if everything goes well, we should be able to view this folder in the Shared folder on the Server

Yup... Its here....