03 March, 2011

Searching For A Group Policy Setting

Even though GPMC was added in Windows 2003, there are many functionality of it that are still unexplored. Out of many, one of the functionality is to search for a Group Policy Setting in the list of Group Policies

Lets take an Example. I am a senior admin and I have a Jr. admin named Chimpu. I have asked Chimpu to manage all the group polices. Chimpu have created few Group Policies and have enabled many settings in each of them. One fine day, Chimpu didnt came to the office. Now I want to know which all Group Policies have Folder Redirection setting defined in them. Ahh.. Thats simple... I can call Chimpu... But as usual he doest receive calls when he is on leave... Ideally Chimpu should have documented all these settings but then "Ideally"... :)

Now the only option that I am left with is to browse through each and every Group Policy and check for the Folder Redirection setting... But then you forgot one thing that I told you in the beginning of this post.. I am not Chimpu, I am a senior admin..So I know a better way to do this... Lets try that

First of all to make things clear, we will look into all the GPOs Settings

Default Domain Policy has few settings related to Password Policies

Folder Redirection Group Policy has Folder Redirection setting Enabled

Scripts Group Policy has Scripts setting Enabled

Security Group Policy has setting related to Security Enabled

And Windows Update Group Policy has Windows Update setting Enabled. At this you will think that Chimpu is quite Intelligent and he has given simple and straight forward names to all the GPOs in relation to the GP Settings that he has defined...

But just have a look into the Windows Update Group Policy again... Chimpu has done his piece of work here.. He has enabled a Folder Redirection Setting in the Windows Update Group Policy...

Lets see how we can use the search feature to find this...

Select the domain name

Select the Search Item

Specify a Value (Setting)

So here we will search for "Folder Redirection" Setting

Cool... We got the name of 2 GPOs which has the Folder Redirection setting enabled in them