25 December, 2010

Translating Local User Profiles {ADMT 3.0}

The Wizard

(Make sure you run this wizard on the destination domain controller logged in as the administrator of the source domain)

The Protar.mdb database resides in the installation folder of the ADMT tool. By default, this is the following folder: C:\Program Files\Active Directory Migration Tool

This database contains a complete list of the migrated objects, including the source and the target SIDs of objects

During the security translation process, the ADMT references the database to determine the security principals that must be modified

When you perform a resource domain migration to Windows Server 2003, you must run the Security Translation Wizard to translate the security information about resources from the source domain to the target domain

Security Translation Options: Previously migrated objects

Select the Source and the Destination Domain and the Domain Controller

Select the computer account for which you want to run security translation

Translate Objects: User Profiles

Security Translation Options: Replace

Run Pre-Check

In case of a Failure, add the Source domain "Domain Admins" group in the local administrators group of the client machine for which you are running security translation

Run Pre-Check again in case you got failure and this time it should Pass

Run Pre-Check and Agent Operation