24 December, 2010

Creating A Two Way Trust

Trust: A link created either manually or automatically between two domains/forest to all access of resources between the domains/forest

Before you actually read this post on how to create trust. I will recommend you to go through the following post:

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Prior of creating a Trust, it is very important to make sure that we have proper name resolution between the domain/forest

Name resolution can be achieved by the following in DNS:

1. Secondary Zones
2. Stub Zones
3. Delegation
4. Forwarders
5. Conditional Forwarding

Trust can be created by the following ways:

1. Active Directory Domains and Trusts
2. Netdom

If we select the option "This Domain Only", then we have to run the same wizard from the other domain as well. This option is chosen if we do not have the credentials of the other domain. Once we choose the option "This Domain Only" then the administrator of the other domain has to run the same wizard in his domain

The wizard asked you for the credentials of the other domain because we selected the option "Both This Domain and The Specified Domain"

A prompt displaying a message that by default SID Filtering is Enabled on External Trust

To know more about SID Filtering, please read the following post: